Dear Buddhists and Friends, 

For nearly two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the world, causing many scenes of mourning and desperation, and causing millions to die from this terrible disease. The sick cannot be cured, the dead cannot be buried. This is a terrible calamity for mankind! 

America is not spared from this scourge. However, thanks to dedicated scientists and abundant resources, we have successfully developed a vaccine against COVID-19. Now much of the American population has been vaccinated, the pandemic has been slowed, and life is slowly coming back to normal. America is finally recovering! 

Meanwhile, the pandemic has broken out everywhere, especially in India and Vietnam. People live in isolation and fear, not knowing what their fate will be. We cannot bear to stand by and watch the people get infected and die slowly in despair. 

What can we do in this painful situation? With the compassion of the Buddha’s children, as well as the love between all people, we earnestly call on all Buddhists and friends to join together in raising funds to buy vaccines. The money raised will be prioritized to help India and Vietnam in this time of great need. 

Please make online donations to our GoFundMe campaign: 

Please make your check out to: 

Phap Nguyen Temple 

Memo: vaccine 


Please send your check to: 

Phap Nguyen Buddhist Temple 

1838 County Road 129 

Pearland, TX 77581 


Praying for the end of the pandemic, peace in the word, and happy living beings. 

Namo Great Compassion Rescue Suffering Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva 


Phap Nguyen June 4, 2021 

Most Venerable Thich Tri Hoang