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Ordination of sister Phap-Lan and brother David Ketchum at Dinh-Quang temple, Missouri

About Us

Phap Nguyen Buddhist Congregation

Phap Nguyen Buddhist Congregation was founded in July 2009: Its goal is to provide a caring, spiritual and non-dogmatic environment for seekers of the Buddhist path. By studying and practicing Buddhism in our daily lives, we wish to awaken our true nature or Buddha-nature in order to save ourselves and all sentient beings from suffering, and transform our world into an enlightened society.

The temple’s mission is to support the propagation of the Buddhadharma and the training of lay and monastic Dharma teachers. It also is dedicated to preserving and developing the Vietnamese Buddhist cultural heritage.

Non-denominational Fellowship

Phap Nguyen Buddhist Congregation is a non-denominational community that follows various Buddhist traditions and is open to people from all walks of life and faith. We find inspiration in any sutra or scripture and hold none above any other since truth can only be experienced in our hearts and not in the letter.

Path of Wisdom and Compassion

Wisdom and compassion are the basic themes of our spiritual community and the meditation practice of mindfulness is our fundamental tool to realize our buddha-nature and to experience the Pure Land in this very world. Our path helps us to live more forgivingly and joyfully in every moment. Our experience opens us up to the mystery and beauty of life.

Community Spirit for Mindfulness Practice

We hold our services at the Phap Nguyen Temple in Pearland, Texas under the spiritual guidance of the Vietnamese-born abbot Thich Tri Hoang. The Sangha offers a wide array of activities and learning experiences for our members and friends such as one day meditation retreats, a book discussion group, field trips, community out-reach and charity work.

First Full Moon celebration in the new Dharma hall (Sunday Feb 17th)
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